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Welcome to the Sad Dads Club Podcast!  We are excited to bring this podcast to you and hopefully provide some entertainment, knowledge and laughs.  Not just in parenting but in life in general and in no particular order.  



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Gym and Foo


Jan 27, 2022

This week Gym harps on how terrible health insurance is, also Gym's daughter gets a generous housing gift for her last semester in college, upgrading Melly's MacBook Air's SSD, Foo's kids have an interesting answer for the "if you won the lottery" question, are you down with kicking your kids out?  How are you with...

Jan 20, 2022

This week Foo demonstrates the butane lighter filling, Gym explains the fix for his daughter's rear wiper, do you remove fuses to prevent airbags from popping when off-roading, Foo joins a gym and gets a little competitive, plus more!

Jan 13, 2022

This week the guys recollect tobacco products from days past, Foo doesn't like refilling the butane <insert thing here>, Foo wants to jump a side by side, new dogs after the current ones leave us, Covid is coming for us all, plus more!

Jan 6, 2022

This week you'll notice the guys are off a bit right away, Gym does some work to his daughter's Forester, Both Dads find eBay to be a great resource for car parts, Bronco or Wrangler?, Covid comes to SDCP again, plus more!