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Welcome to the Sad Dads Club Podcast!  We are excited to bring this podcast to you and hopefully provide some entertainment, knowledge and laughs.  Not just in parenting but in life in general and in no particular order.  



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Gym and Foo


Jun 27, 2019

The boys are back and better than ever in Episode 40 with redundancy and improved processes!  This week they talk about Amazon Key, Ring doorbells, Nest and EcoBee thermostats (Dads through and through, right?), Toy Story 4, Marvel movies, Don Gonorrhea makes a quick appearance, Foo's handmade custom podcasting table,...

Jun 21, 2019

The short answer is yes, something did happen.  But what doesn't kill them makes them stronger.  The guys reengage in their roles, not once, but TWICE this week as they lose their first show to the big bit bucket in the sky.  Bonus points if you can find the glitch in this re-recorded episode.  Also, stop being so...

Jun 13, 2019

Join Gym and guest Host Tony Overbay as they wait out the pizza delivery man from <Pizza Company>. Will he make it before the end of the show or will our hosts resort to their own devices and take down the weak? (Sorry, Dataz.)

Jun 6, 2019

Join Gym and Guest Host Tony Overbay from the Virtual Couch podcast as they talk abut old times and travel and share lots of laughs.