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Welcome to the Sad Dads Club Podcast!  We are excited to bring this podcast to you and hopefully provide some entertainment, knowledge and laughs.  Not just in parenting but in life in general and in no particular order.  



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Gym and Foo


Dec 31, 2020

The guys start with some chat about Zelda - Breath of the Wild, BioShock series and LEGO series, Alton Brown provides recipes, making the most of Weird Christmas, a brief visit with Dave and Natalie, going wheeling, Covid vaccines are getting around, plus more!

Dec 24, 2020

It's Christmas Eve Eve, and this week the the guys talk about all the things, including some chatter about alcohol drinks, Foo waxes some nostalgia with regards to his kids growing up and Christmas time, they cover the big problem with Ep 117 and the video and related recovery, a semi in depth chat about gameplay with...

Dec 17, 2020

This week Foo fills us in on the family Christmas card, Gym shares Dataz story about EDD and Bank of America completely bungling his benefits, how Dataz almost burned down the house, Foo shares his own fire story, Zander has a hidden talent, both share a highlight gift for anyone, plus more!

Dec 10, 2020

Foo efficiently stains and protects a fence, Gym gets nagged about Mandelorian viewing, WHY TOILET PAPER AGAIN?, a candid discussion about toilet seat temperatures, Foo brags that he's way ahead in his Christmas shopping, the Christmas card and more!

Dec 3, 2020

Foo talks about the largest Moscow mule cup he's ever seen, the guys talk about the strangest Thanksgiving they've ever seen, Foo talks about his turkey skin, there's a debate about turkey sandwiches, apple pie with cheddar cheese, cookie experiments, Foo's redwood root issues, plus more!