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Welcome to the Sad Dads Club Podcast!  We are excited to bring this podcast to you and hopefully provide some entertainment, knowledge and laughs.  Not just in parenting but in life in general and in no particular order.  



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Gym and Foo


Aug 31, 2023

This week we want to know if you're a sunroof/moonroof person?  Do you like to drive with your windows dow even if it hot?  Gym is a moonroof guy but dislikes the ATS's noisy wind deflector.  Thanks to Foo for always being there.  Tony Overbay gets discussed becasue he's happy doing his current career path and you...

Aug 24, 2023

Gym starts us off with yet another broken Caddy story, does it ever end?  3D Printing with concrete is neat.  AI in the world of new jobs.  Foo is generating more AI pics.  Foo wants to know what you think about electric bikes (lady or not?).  One Wheel racing and it's pitfalls.  Gym witnesses a couple guys stealing...

Aug 17, 2023

This week the guys start out talking about our unusual and what seems to be brutally hot weather.  Foo finds a biting fly?  Foo doesn't talk about HVAC, so there's no need to worry that he does.  Dataz has a house warming party.  Foo goes to an Opera and Gym has questions.  Foo nicks up his hands working on his bike....

Aug 10, 2023

This week Foo thinks he's being messed with.  Dataz finds Foo returning the cart and the look is unflattering.  Gym already needs a new windshield and they wonder where the glass comes from.  Foo throws away some lug nuts, ends up needing some.  Foo gets stranger comments on his large Apple Watch Ultra.  Gym heads to...

Aug 3, 2023

This week Foo professes his love for Stouffer's Lasagna.  Gym talks Ike's Sandwiches and Foo goes to an all you can eat sushi bar and finds some soap.  Foo can't have cocomut water.  Gym learns how rain sensing wipers work.  Foo talks about Midjourney, the AI bot that generates photos, and goes on a deep dive.  Plus...